Optimizing Intelligent Lighting Controls

Gonzalez Lighting Consulting, LLC.

About Us

GLC is a veteran-owned ESCO company specializing in commercial and residential lighting controls design/programming. For commercial applications, GLC has extensive expertise on the Enlighted® Intelligent Lighting Controls System as well as the LumaWatt®/LumaWatt Pro® systems. We work with Enlighted®, Enlighted® representatives, general and electrical contractors, lighting manufacturers, and lighting design teams to complete any Enlighted®/LumaWatt®/LumaWatt Pro® system project.

GLC also has experience programming and troubleshooting numerous Lutron systems and devices, ranging from the Grafik Eye® to the Quantum® system. For residential applications, GLC specializes on the Lutron Casetta Pro®, RadioRA 2 Select®, and RadioRA 2® lighting control systems.

GLC is committed to providing excellent customer service and the necessary solutions to assist existing and future end users in attaining the highest possible yields from their advanced lighting control systems.

GLC is insured, meets job site requirements, and is available to travel anywhere where services are needed, worldwide.

Past Projects

GLC’s founder, Gery Gonzalez, is a former Senior Field Engineer/Project Manager at Enlighted®. While with Enlighted®, he worked on over 130 Enlighted® sites, at various project stages. Prior to working for Enlighted®, he commissioned Lutron's Quantum® systems throughout the United States and Canada. It was at this time where he learned the basics of lighting controls and the importance of energy savings for buildings of all types and sizes. The following are some of the customers serviced by Gery Gonzalez as an Enlighted® employee:


· AT&T 

· Google

· LinkedIn


· Barclays

· Credit Suisse

· BNY Mellon


· Mercy Hospital

· Deutshce Bank

· Citigroup

· JP Morgan Chase

· Rudin Management

· Boston University

· McNamara Parking Deck at Detroit Metro Airport

· and many more.