Lutron® Systems

Lutron Caseta Pro®


Lutron Caseta Pro® is a lighting control system that converts your room, apartment, condominium, and small home into a smart home. The system has RF coverage up to 2,500 sq. ft. and can add an additional 1,250 sq. ft. by adding a plug-in dimmer and can control up to 50 devices.  Caseta® components are non-transferable to RadioRA 2 Select®  or RadioRA 2®.

Lutron RadioRA 2 Select®


RadioRA 2 Select® is a system ideal for markets between mass market and mid-market residential retrofit and new construction applications. With RF coverage of up to 5,000 sq. ft. and a 100 device limit, RadioRA 2 Select® is an upgrade over Caseta Pro®. This system's has more hardware available, resulting in more robust configurations than Caseta Pro®. The components of RadioRA 2 Select® may be transferred over to the RadioRA 2® system if an upgrade is desired.

Lutron RadioRA 2®


RadioRA 2® is a mid-market residential and light commercial system application. All of the functionality of the RadioRA 2 Select® system are available with even more components available to configure your home. RF coverage extends up to 7,500 sq. ft. with a 200 device limit. RadioRA 2®. As previously stated, RadioRA 2® can be used in certain commercial applications. 

Retrofit/New Construction Projects


Want to upgrade your home to a smart home? Contact us for a consultation. We audit your home and inform you of all the benefits of transforming your home into a smart home via the Lutron systems.

HVAC Integration


Caseta® , RadioRA 2 Select®  and RadioRA 2® integrate with Lutron® , Nest® , Honeywell® , and other HVAC systems. Integration with the Lutron®  system introduce new ways of controlling your HVAC via voice or app.

IoT System Control


The Lutron® App gives you control of all three systems. Control your lights, HVAC and connected audio system from anywhere. With the geofencing option, your system recognizes when you depart and return home, which in turn, trigger specific programmed events. After a long day of work, return to an inviting, warm or cool home.