Enlighted® System

System Start-Up Programming


GLC is equipped with the knowledge and programming tools necessary to accomplish any Enlighted®/LumaWatt®/LumaWatt Pro®system start-up in a timely manner.

System Reconfiguration


Have an existing Enlighted®/LumaWatt®/LumaWatt Pro®system and would like to make programming changes? GLC offers services to reconfigure your site. 

System Optimization


We analyze your system’s configuration and advise on strategies to improve system yields with the goal of reducing your ROI time. 

System Maintenance


Keep your system up to date with the latest improvements and newest features released by Enlighted®.

System Troubleshooting


Having trouble with your Enlighted®/LumaWatt®/LumaWatt Pro® system? GLC provides onsite and remote support*. 

*Remote support available where approved.

Installer & End-User Training


By providing installer and end-user training, clients benefit by experiencing  faster installations, fewer errors, and a stronger proficiency in system operation.